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Mother Nature's finest gifts to you.

Our face creams & body butters are hand made with all-organic, natural ingredients 

Head to Toe Butter

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About Blooming Butters

Oils & Butters

We source the most natural and organic butters and oils, to bring you the most effective, yet gentle, hydrating and healing products ever.

Infused Essential Oils

Our creams and butters are overflowing with skin nourishing essential oils. The oils offer a light and lovely scent to our all natural butters and creams.

Flowers Essence

All of our products contain flower essences to add subtle scents and soothe and heal your skin.


Happy customers share their positive Blooming Butters experiences

Rated Five-Stars!

This is the best body lotion I've ever tried. it has an amazing scent and it soaks right in, leaving the skin (and hair) moisturized and soft. I used it for my whole body and hair. No stickiness or greasy. My skin has improved so much in general since I started using it. I highly recommend it. This is one of the few products I've found that really works to soften and smooth my dry skin. I definitely give 5 stars. Thank you for making this amazing product.


Simply put, I LOVE Blooming Butters! In addition to it being an exceptional moisturizer, it also healed a face rash I battled for months that not even prescribed meds could fix. No guessing what is actually in this product. It is all organic and natural. It feels great and smells amazing!


I have tried dozens of expensive creams, oils, and the very latest in special skin treatments at the best and most exclusive salons in Beverly Hills. I've spent thousands of dollars on the newest, and so called greatest creams, and techniques. You name it, I've tried it. But this exquisite face cream has given a whole new life to my face . My skin DRINKS UP the whipped butters!!! I apply twice a day and in one month have noticed considerable difference. The texture of my skin has improved, it's much more radiant. And the lines around my mouth and eyes have significantly diminished. Two thumbs up!!!

I'm so thrilled to find this jewel of a product. It's divine... share it with everyone...


The packaging of blooming butters is so lovely and the aromas are even better! I really wanted to taste them… but I didn’t (I still might one day) My face and body, truly from head to toe, feel like satin. Not only that my skin feels so healthy when I slather the butters on… I have almost every fragrance and each one is superb! Blooming butters makes my skin feel like flower petal! Sooo soft and sweet! 5 stars!


I am a lotion hound...and am constantly in a search for a cream that hydrates my face and body,one that has a soft, smooth texture and one that smells awesome and is absorbed quickly. I found all my desires in blooming butters. The best I’ve found in 67 years! 5 stars of course!


The Blooming Butters cream was amazing in so many ways. To start the packaging was very soft and elegant in it's appearance, wanting one to immediately test the product. The cream is soothing and soft to the touch, and feels wonderful on the skin's rough dry areas. I have been dealing with some skin cancer surgeries and the areas are quite dry. The cream helped with the severe dryness.


Hands down, the best face lotion/salve I have ever used. I apply it every night around my eyes and on my neck for wrinkles and to add extra moisture. Ingredients are completely natural, nothing artificial. I would rate this product a 5 out of 5.


Blooming Butters is a great product it spreads on smooth and makes your skin feel wonderful. I had very chapped hands and arms and legs. I used this product every day for five days straight and I saw a difference in my skin. It was going back to smooth again. It is not greasy on my skin and it did the job. I now use it everyday after my shower and my skin is soft and not chapped at all. It’s a great product! I rate 5 stars.